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Our education system is often likened to the ‘Einstein’ image. A fish, monkey and elephant all line up with an official saying: “To be fair to everyone we must all take the same test: the test is to climb this tree”. We know this is a foolish way to judge individuals, if the metric was different the fish and elephant would not look as weak in comparison to the monkey – we all have our own strengths and weaknesses.

While we can’t change our education system we can certainly match our neurodiverse students with tutors that are skilled in teaching them to climb!

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At learning Unlocked we believe that access to success in education is not a privilege but a right. Every child deserves to be taught in an environment that is both supportive and academically challenging.

Our expert Tutors have the skills and experience to ensure that academic progress and pastoral support are provided to all our SEND students.

If you feel that your child’s needs are not being fully met in their current educational setting, supplementary education may be for you.

One of our education consultants would be delighted to chat with you and provide the sign posting or services you and your child require.