From September 2023 the Transfer test will be administered by Schools Entrance Assessment Group (SEAG).  The SEAG tests will replace AQE and PPTC so you only need to apply to one testing organisation. All 62 of the academically selective schools in N. Ireland have now signed up to this test. You can find a list of member schools on the SEAG website.

Registration: The exact dates have still to be finalised but, as a guide, Registration is likely to be open between early May 2023 and mid-September 2023. The finalised dates and arrangements for Registration will be published on the SEAG website.

The cost of the test will be £20 or free if your child receives free school meals.

Parents will be able to request the location of the assessment centre, from the listed member schools. Durning the Registration process, you will have the opportunity to indicate, in order, the Assessment Centres which are the most convenient for you.

Assessment: There will be two assessment papers, one will be sat on 11 November 2023 and the other on 25 November 2023.

Results: The exact date has not yet been finalised but it is likely to be either Saturday 28th January 2024 or Saturday 4th February 2024. You will be able to access your child’s results from a secure area on the SEAG website.

Each pupil will receive a total Standardised Age Score (SAS), a Band and his/her actual SAS scores for English (or Gaeilge) and Mathematics. Full details will be available before the Registration process starts.

Format: Both test papers will have English and maths questions and will have the option to assessed on Irish rather than English.

  • There are two papers and both have the same format.
  • The first section of the test has 5 English (or Gaeilge) and 5 maths questions. These are designed to help children get prepared and settled before the main test. This part is not assessed.
  • Second section has 28 English (or Gaeilge) questions, including a punctuation exercise, a grammar exercise and a spelling exercise. This is followed by English comprehension with 7 multiple choice questions and 6 ‘free response’ questions.
  • The third section is the maths main test and has 28 questions, 22 are multiple choice and 6 are ‘free response’.
  • Pupils have 60 minutes.

Resources:The Specification, Format and Practice papers are free and can be found on the SEAG website.